Hair Transplantation
Hair Transplantation
Dr Anil Garg
MS, MCh (Plastic Surgery)

Dr Anil Garg
MBBS. MSc (Laser & Hair transplant Surgeon)

Dr.Anil Garg passed his masters degree (MS) in General surgery and super specialisation (MCh) in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery from SMS, Jaipur, India. He visited to CGMH, Tepai, Taiwan to do fellowship in Micro vascular surgery under guidance of Dr.Fu Chen Wei and Dr.Hung Chi Chen. Then he did fellowship in Peripheral nerve surgery under Dr.Julia Terzis at Eastern Verginia Medical College, Norfolk, USA. Since 1990 he is in the field of plastic surgery. During his journey he touched many milestones of Plastic surgery.

Dr.Seema has served in various clinical branches and has extensive clinical experience.She has worked in Dept. of surgery, Dept. of Gynacology and Dept. of Medicine and ICU for eight years in various hospitals. She has done MSc in Anatomy and served for nine years in Depart. of Anatomy,MGM medical college,Indore.
She has been doing Laser surgery for hair removal,for melasma,acne and post burn scar marks. She isdoing hair transplant by FUT and FUE by SAFER Robot.


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